Riley Nixon Denounces Her Feminist Ways In New Scene For

Starbucks –Riley Nixon is a self-proclaimed radical feminist. What does that mean, you may ask?  It means that she sits around coffee shops all day long with her white boujee friends, drinking shit with names that even the likes of Dr. Sheldon Copper can’t pronounce. It also means that she’s so caught up in her own bullshit, she doesn’t realize that white women are already five steps ahead of black folks in every area, other than the WNBA. Thank Allah for dudes like Rico Strong! Fixing the world, one white feminist at a time.

President Nixon of APAC says “she does what she does just to pay her rent” over 7 times in her feminist YouTube Video. She also says she knew she had the POWER to cut whenever she wanted. This Cabbage Patch looking voluptuous Becky is hot, we luv her thick ass and titties but she needs to watch her lip n’ think before she speaks. Typical white woman with no accountability for her actions, says she doesn’t like our set yet refuses to speak up, she’s steady cashing the checks though, white devil trickster. She’s just exercising her white privilege at the expense of Brother Rico, dragging his good name through the mud where her ancestors kept his. What did white feminism ever do for the Black Queen, they refused to march with us! Maybe she will resign like Tricky Dick!

Riley’s NSFW trailer can be viewed here.

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