Alex More, Anastasia Rose In New Scenes For

The Hood – Certain things in life are a guarantee: Brady letting air out of footballs, Trump banging porn chicks, and white girls thinking they understand the plight of the black man. Take Alex More and Anastasia Rose for instance. Both like to talk the talk, but neither has ever walked the walk.  Underneath their Malcolm X tee shirts are two girls whose ghetto experience is limited to some regurgitated Kanye verse. Once Rico Strong got a hold them, they soon learned that hood life is more than just a Commodores sample.

Alex More learns that Black Lives Matter the most. Brother Rico slays the pussy with his BBC like the tickler that whipped our ancestors. After some face fucking, Rico has Alex saying, “Black IS Better,” like a love struck puppy, she scampers around wherever the superior black king commands. In her rightful place she finds liberation from her burdensome white guilt, and a pussy full of black cock.

Check out the NSFW Alex trailer here.

Man, you know brothas hate clowns. After Anastasia got her face painted like Pennywise, Rico decided that it was time for some BlackPayBack, by pummeling her white ass with Big Black Daddies dick.  After a good hole ramming, Anastasia saw the light. She gives everything to the Black Man to make up for her races blind bigotry. The blue eyed devils gaze widens as she realize her own inferiority while the dick ravaging her pink lil throat. The day ends wit her face being painted yet again, not with red lipstick, but wit the cum of her new black master.

Anastasia’s NSFW trailer can be viewed here.

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