Isis Love Launches Skyn Talent Agency


Los Angeles  — Adult Industry Superstar, Isis Love, has announced the launch of a new talent agency, Skyn Talent.

The interaction between talent agencies and production companies is about to change, thanks to the creative mind of the 15-year Adult Industry veteran, Isis Love. According to Isis, “Skyn Talent will be a boutique-style Agency catering to no more than 30 top tier performers.”

Skyn Talent will provide management services, with a personal touch, to their adult performers, including one-on-one contact with an agent and professional mentoring. Skyn Talent believes mentoring new talent as they enter the industry is just as important as getting them work. The agency will assist talent in understanding financial planning as well as helping them build a professional presence on set and on social media.

“I have seen every aspect of the adult industry not only as a performer, but also as a director/producer during my time with,” said Skyn owner, Isis Love. Isis expresses that communication is key and working as a team with a performer is what helps build a great career and innovative company.

To be complaint with all the State of California rules and regulations, Skyn Talent has submitted paperwork to the California State Licensing Board and is currently awaiting licensing approval.

Skyn Talent is actively recruiting new talent! Talent looking for new and fresh representation can visit the Skyn website  ( or email Skyn at info@SkynTalentcom.  For up to the minute news and signings, follow Skyn on twitter.  (

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About Skyn
Skyn Talent Agency is the brand of discovery. With so many brilliant and stunning models working toward the opportunity of being known on a world wide status. Skyn Talent aims to be the catalyst to not just being seen, but actually being recognized. Our focus is to exhibit the best work from our adult talent creating work and opportunities for these hard working performers.

Skyn Talents’ primary objective, at it’s core, is to simply showcase great work. Great work may come from a first time model you’ve never heard of or may even be your favorite award winning performer. Skyn Talent will be bold, push boundaries, and challenge what’s true about the Adult modeling industry today and what it can potentially grow to become tomorrow.

Team Work is at the forefront if what we promote with our adult talent. Without teamwork and solid communication and customer service that can’t be matched You are all Skyn Talent. We are just here to facilitate your efforts and distribute that to the world.