Apology Not Accepted! Rico Strong, Layla Price In New Scene From BlackPayBack.com

Compton – Layla Price spends a better part of her time on Twitter retweeting third party links about the social injustices of the world. And when she’s not to busy shopping at Nordstrom’s, she’ll even hit up a march or two.  This SOMEHOW makes up for all the racial inequality in this world.  When a director reached out to her to say if she truly cared about the plight of the black woman she’d shoot a scene for BlackPayBack.com, Layla figured what better way to support Colin Kaepernick then letting Rico Strong defile her in the name of Justice..

Dawg, it never fails. Some white chick goes marching down the block thinking she is somehow helping the marginalized Black Queen who has suffered immeasurably. YOU AINT YOU SUN DODGER! Only thing you’re helping is your own and preventing hard working Black men from getting to work on time. Luckily Rico found her on the block and turned his 13 inch large black cock into a weapon of mass destruction . Watching her nearly gag on that huge BBC sort of makes up for her fake ass caring. It felt good to hear Layla apologize for the deeds of her ancestors while being covered in superior black DNA on her pink pussy and face. White feminism is not for black people! GOT IT??

Said Layla, “I realize I’m guilty of micro aggression’s and I needed to apologize for the sins of my ancestors, so I did”

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