Poolside Shelby: Rome Major, Shelby Paris In New Release On BlackPayBack.com

Compton – Believe or not, there are actually people in this world that think blacks and whites should be separate from each other!  That they shouldn’t eat in the same place, listen to the same records, or even swim in the same pool! Shelby Paris is no different. Imagine being Rome Major, you show up to the pool with a sweet floatie and your ‘cool as fuck’ goggles to take a few laps and before you get your dick wet, Shelby starts grabbing her shit to leave while mumbling about property values.

Pasty white Poolside Patty went and called the popo on Brother Rome just for minding his own business during a dip. Racist whites just can’t seem to keep their heads down and mouths shut, they are used to all that privilege! Rome comes out the pool on this blistering day to hate fuck the privilege outta Shelby. She takes his dick deep down in that unrelenting throat of hers. She continually chokes as she does her best to deep throat Romes massive black tool. A swift fuck from the huge n’ almighty dick alleviates Shelby from her ignorance and entitlement. Brother Rome seizes justice on behalf of the Black Race, may all the Patty’s, Becky’s and Shelby’s everywhere assume their rightful place, wit holes spread and ready!

“My first time working with Rome Major went fantastic! He stayed professional and made sure I was comfortable. This was the BEST way to confront social issues and society norms! We laughed and fucked the day away with rough sex. He definitely made a lasting first impression and I can’t wait for more to cum! ” said Shelby, “This was the first professional set I have been on, where a company had a female on set whose job it was to strictly to look out for my well being and safety. That alone is ground breaking in this industry.”

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