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Crystal Clark Releases ‘Stepmom Helps With Sports Injury’ Movie @crystalclarkxo

(Las Vegas, NV) – Crystal Clark’s brand new series is called “Stepmom Helps With Sports Injury” and is available now on her platforms. The film, co-starring Jay Romero is out now.   Jay made his college’s soccer team, and his coach told him if he continued to play well he could make first-string. During practice, he made a break away from the goal and was sly tackled right in his dick. He laid there in agony until the nurse helped him off the field. He Read More +

Crystal Clark Releases ‘Stepmom Prepares Me For My First Date!’ @CrystalClarkXo @jayromeroxxx @eastcoasttalent

One of Crystal Clark’s newest releases really highlights the closeness of a family. In the POV filmed“Stepmom Prepares Me For My First Date!’, Crystal, who also wrote and directed the movie stars alongside Jay Romero, and plays his stepmom. After working up the nerve to ask the girl of his dreams, Brittany, out on a date, Jay tells his stepmom about it. She quizzes him on his sexual knowledge and Jay begins to second guess himself. Crystal tells him about nerve boners and premature ejaculation, Read More +

Crystal Clark Releases BGGGG ‘Stepmom’s Horny Book Club’ Video @crystalclarkxo @cocovandi @kiki_daire @f_ckkaiya @oliver_faze_ @eastcoasttalent

For one of her newest releases, director and performer Crystal Clark decided to call up some friends. Joining Crystal in her new POV series ‘Stepmom’s Horny Book Club” are Coco Vandi, Kaiya Rose, Kiki Daire, and Oliver Faze.   The video starts with the Sunday Book Club meeting. Oliver comes downstairs to see his stepmom Crystal preparing snacks for the meeting. Kaiya is the first to arrive, and Oliver awkwardly welcomes her in. Kiki and Coco arrive next, and the meeting starts. Oliver sits in, but Read More +

Crystal Clark Releases ‘Stepmom Likes To Watch!’ @CrystalClarkXo @RosalynSphinx @jayromeroxxx @EastCoastTalent

Performer and director Crystal Clark really loves being a stepmom. So much in fact that in one of the latest movies she wrote and directed, “Stepmom Likes To Watch!” Crystal plays Jay Romero’s stepmom, much to the chagrin of Rosalyn Sphinx, who costars in a non-sex role. Jay is back home from college, and brings his girlfriend Rosalyn over. While Rosalyn and Jay try to get hot and heavy, Rosalyn notices Crystal spying on them, peeking through the door. Jay denies it because he doesn’t Read More +

.@CrystalClarkXO Releases ‘Patriotic Horny MILFS’ Threesome @cocovandi @eddiejaye @eastcoasttalent

Adult performer Crystal Clark has released her latest video, “Patriotic Horny MILFS Next Door!” with co-stars Coco Vandi and Eddie Jaye. Written and directed by Crystal, “Patriotic Horny MILFS Next Door!” features Eddie Jaye returning to his hometown after a long deployment. The horny MILFS, Coco and Crystal haven’t gotten laid in a while and are incredibly turned on by the combat soldier. Crystal and Coco take turns seducing Eddie separately, with Crystal up first, seducing Eddie after randomly bumping into him on a job. Read More +